Objects + Ritual
Objects + Ritual Sumposium

Objects and Ritual: Function, Value and Adornment

Harley Gallery

Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

22 November 2007

This symposium discussed the relationship between artefacts and ritual acts and posed the following questions.

Can artefacts cross boundaries in terms of their intended use? Can objects become ‘sacred’ outside of religious frameworks and what enables this transcendence to take place? How relevant today are ‘rites of passage’ and what part do objects play within them?

It provided a forum to engage with the emotive and symbolic nature of objects and stimulated discussion about how other disciplines inform current practice. It coincided with an exhibition of new work in silver by Maria Hanson and Chris Knight.

‘Objects and Ritual'
The Harley Gallery
October – December 2007

Collaboration Hanson & Knight



Maria Hanson:
Research Reader; Metalwork & Jewellery, Sheffield Hallam University.
Practitioner: Current work crosses the boundaries between objects that relate to the body directly through wearing and objects that engender a physical interaction through use.

Marjan Unger:
Academic, Art Historian, Publicist. Specialist in applied arts, crafts, design and architecture
Editor of ‘Morf’ critical design magazine.
Has engaged with issues that relate to the system of objects from jewellery, clothing, and domestic tableware

Philippa Glanville:
Academic, Historian, Curator. Senior Research Fellow at the V&A.
She has lectured and published widely on the history of silver & the historyof consumption. Publications include: Elegant Eating (2002) and The Art of Drinking (forthcoming Sept 2007)

Dr Melanie Giles:
Archaeologist. Lecturer – Archaeology, Manchester University.
Research interests – The Late Bronze Age – Late Iron Age of Europe; funerary archaeology; material culture and representation; Analysis of relationships between objects, place, and identity.