beneath the skin

beneath the skin
revealing the research that underpins the object

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Beneath the Skin brings together eight academic researchers working within the field of contemporary metalwork and jewellery in order to reveal the research that underpins the object. When it is the Object which embodies the research, the two fundamental questions are:

The aim of the exhibition is to visualise and articulate the complex, multi-faceted and often non-linear creative journey that individual researchers make to get to the final object. It built upon and extended the enquiry started during the KeyPiece exhibition and research event in 2009 where the exhibited objects devoid of any textural explanation provided the basis for intensive critical discourse between participants in order to reveal the embedded knowledge. By presenting a range of tangible textual and non-textual material, Beneath the Skin aims to elicit and reveal the knowledge embodied by the object and proposed that there are intangible aspects within creative research that are not possible to quantify.

The curator of this exhibition is Maria Hanson, Reader in Metalwork and Jewellery at the ADRC (Art and Design Research Centre), Sheffield Hallam University. She presents the work of leading academics, showcasing their practice-led research; combining philosophical, esoteric, material and process based projects. This Exhibition contributes to the breadth of activity undertaken by the ADRC which is one of Britain's leading centres for research in the creative disciplines of Fine Art, Design and Media Production.